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My Experience in Startups




In 1999 got involved in Tera Systems a startup in the field of GPS tracking technology and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). Company we got two contracts (Camden County and Indian River County) to replace their Lift Stations data System. In 1998 decided to merge with SPS Technologies.

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In 1998 we merge Tera Systems with SPS Technologies, another Startup involved in GPS tracking technology. In 1999 Motorola discovered us at a technology trade show, many meetings later, a new startup will emerge named COMCENTUS a partnership between MOTOROLA, MANUGISTICS, ARTHUR ANDERSEN, AND SPS TECHNOLOGIES. In the year 2000, after the meltdown of the stock market of that year, (Y2K Syndrome), Motorola decided to give up COMCENTUS startup, SPS could not afront any more business so shut down. In 2001 a lawsuit against Motorola by SPS's main partners was filed through attorney Willie Gary. Settlement happened in 2008. More here:



During my professional career, I've been involved in many startups, a few of them are mentioned here:

BASIVEN a complex manufacturer of PVC film and Polyurethane soles, a partnership with Rossi PLastici from Italy; not in business. FARMAPLA: a manufacturer of special texturized paints, became famous its  "graffiato" still known today. Company changed the name.

FLEXOVEN: founded in 1984, still in business with the same name, manufacture packaging tapes, sold my position in 1987.

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